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Organic Doesn't Have to Break the Bank!

This article, entitled Organic doesn’t have to break the bank! comes from Amanda Hearn at The Eco-Friendly Family.

As I was rushing through the grocery store the other day I decided to snap a few photos of the items I was purchasing along with their non-organic counterparts and this is what I saw:

By buying organic I spent just $0.11 more than if I had purchased the non-organic versions of a total purchase of 1 lb of apples, 1 lb of grapes, 1 loaf of whole grain bread and 1 lb of bananas. Eleven cents!*

(If we want to get technical the loaf of organic bread was 4.3 cents per ounce cheaper than the non-organic and is a heavier loaf, making the organic total less expensive than the non-organic by $1.10 if we’re talking ounce for ounce – but considering all things item for item the non-organic came out $0.11 ahead.)

Obviously there are some items that are much more expensive when purchased organic, like meat for example – but I find that eating a more colorful diet limits my intake of meat, thus evening out over the course of a month. In addition, an organic diet generally goes hand in hand with limiting junk food items like chips, sodas and other snack foods that can rack up the grocery bill quickly.

While a completely organic diet may not be affordable for all, this snippet goes to show that it is completely reasonable to choose organic a good portion of the time without sacrificing savings. Stocking up on sale items and buying produce that is in season or on sale will further compound your savings and ability to buy organic foods that will limit pesticides and GMOs in your family’s diet.

What surprising pricing finds have you noticed in regards to organic vs. non-organic foods?

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I am a stay-at-home mother of three fantastic children and wife to an awesome husband. They are my biggest inspiration to keep learning and exploring all that natural and healthy living has to offer.

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