Advice on buying video games for children


Are you planning on putting some video games under the tree this Christmas? They’re popular for children of all ages, and can be beneficial when used in moderation.

Boys Town is offering these tips for parents purchasing video games this holiday season:

  • Police the content in the games. Make sure they're age-appropriate for your child by reading the ratings and actually viewing the games.
  • Set limits on the length your child can play. Kids who spend more than three hours a day playing video games can become socially impaired and have difficulty functioning with the family.
  • Never allow the games to be housed in your child's bedroom. Instead, keep them in a shared space within your home.
  • Actively discuss the games with your child.

According to Boys Town, games played in moderation, less than one hour per day, have shown to improve problem solving, creativity and psycho-social adjustment.