App promises 'priceless peace of mind' for parents

There are many apps that monitor your kids' cell phone usage, but a the app called ParentWise claims to be a little different. It offers peace of mind for parents by letting them know where their kids are, where they're going and will send an alert if they fail to show up.

“You can very quickly see by red dots where she spent her time,” said Steve Horst, Parentwise App Developer. “I developed it out of frustration out of reading articles of kids being taken advantage of across the country.”

As a father of three and owner of a marketing company, he says he felt he was in a unique position to help design the app.

“It's broken up by three different categories, locations, their app usage and who they talk to,” Horst said.

The app provides all that information both in real-time and in weekly reports.

“As soon as you scroll over, you see the name of the person and how they spend their time,” Horst demonstrated.

The app does not allow you to hack into their accounts and read everything.

“Nowhere on any of our software will you have that type of exposure,” Horst said. “I can tell you she was on Snapchat for one hour 58 minutes for the last 3 1/2 days. What she snapped I don't know.”

You can decide how to proceed with your son or daughter with any concerns.

“If you want that content, which a lot of parents do, you need to sit down with your kid,” Horst advised.

The app also tracks driving speeds as it applies to their location. And where they "should be" sending text alerts for anything outside the parameters you set.

“That includes if they decide to disable our app and rewire it, the parents are notified of it.”

ParentWise is $10 per month.

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