Benefits of holiday traditions


Every family has traditions that make holidays, and life, more special.

Not only are traditions a fun way to celebrate life’s greatest moments, but they’re very beneficial to our children. Parenting expert Bridget Barnes from Boys Town’s Common Sense Parenting Program says that kids benefit from having traditions in their lives because it tells them where they come from, giving them an identity.

"I always caution parents not to change important tradition very quickly because that is really where children understand their roots and so when traditions change dramatically for kids, that can rally through things way off for them," Bridget says.

"Traditions allow kids to have that stability too, it makes them feel safe and secure and it makes happier kids when they know there are certain things in my life that let me know everything’s okay, I know who I am, I know where I came from and I feel comfortable for that. So when traditions work in your family, it’s important to continue with them throughout your life and pass it onto your children too."

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