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I never buy wrapping paper when it’s full price but instead, wait till it goes on sale after the holidays and then buy it when it’s 75 to 90% off, which means I typically pay less than a dollar a roll. Here are a few ideas on how to take a roll of wrapping paper and decorate with it for some super easy, quick, and cheap holiday cheer. And let me just say, I am the WORST wrapper in the world, so your wrapped decor should look a lot better than mine!

If you have plants in your house or candle holders, you can wrap them easily and you have an instant decoration. Use wrapping paper in “your colors” if you want or add a bow or ribbon. *Make sure your wrapping paper is tucked in on any candle holders and not high enough to reach the candle flame! Or use flameless candles.

Everyone has an empty toilet paper roll in their home at some point! Wrap it and tie a ribbon around the ends for some instant color anywhere in your home.

You can also wrap small items or Christmas candy in these empty rolls for cute containers.

An easy way to add color to a wall or shelf, by wrapping the edges of any picture frame.

You can also wrap the inside of the frame….or wrap the entire picture and hang a bow on it.

The other day we bought a new piece of furniture and the box was loaded with styrofoam squares. My husband was about to put them in the recycle bin and I said, “Wait….I can use those for a post in some way!” (He hears that quite often.) I wrapped them and hung them on the front of our counter with 2-sided sticky tape….I love this!

And if you don’t have a lot of wrapping paper you bought on sale, you can pick it up at a dollar store so you’re not spending a lot of money. I even wrap empty boxes and scatter them on the coffee table (we don’t put out wrapped presents before our family celebration because we have naughty cats who will rip them apart).

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