Easy DIY bathtub tray

Is there anything more relaxing than a bubble bath after a long day? Need a convenient spot to place that glass of wine or cup of tea? Here’s an easy way to build a bathtub tray from DIY Playbook.

You don’t have to risk your book falling into the bubbly water when you have a place to put it. Making a simple bathtub tray won’t take much time or skill.

Start by measuring the width of your tub – then pick up a piece of hardwood that is just wide enough. Many stores will cut it for free – just ask! The DIY Playbook used poplar board.

Next, stain or paint the tray to your liking. Make sure your tray is completely dry before moving onto the next step – which is adding the handles. You’ll need a drill with a countersink drill bit, or a flat head screw – so it is flush with the wood when drilled.

You will definitely want to add some grippers to put under the tray toward the ends to keep it in place. These are stick-on.

And that is it. Your bathtub tray is complete and ready for use.

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