Expert offers advice on teaching kids about sex


Not sure how to start a conversation about sex with your kids? Human Sexuality Educator Dr. Timaree Schmit, explains it this way:

“You as a parent don’t have to be an expert and you aren’t expected to know the answers to everything. The role that you can play is being someone that they can approach and ask and if you don’t know the answer say, 'I’m going to go look into that and we can talk about that.'

"Or, more importantly most of the time, is making sure that you ask clarifying questions because the way that kids hear about stuff, we might understand that terminology to mean one thing, but it might not be what they mean.

"So sometimes kids will say things like, ‘I heard so and so had sex in the bathroom’ and they’re not meaning that like we mean it. They might mean it like they kissed.

"So, definitely making sure that you’re available to listen, that they can speak and know that you won’t freak out, because if you freak out they’ll stop coming to you and they’ll go talk to somebody else. And somebody else may or may not have your core values or the right information so it’s always about making yourself a safe space and making it clear that if you don’t know the answer we can go look it up. And knowing resources where you can go to look those things up that you’ll get good information.”