How to not gorge at holiday parties

While it’s great to treat oneself this time of year, overdoing it can lead to indulger’s remorse. So, follow these tips to enjoy every holiday party, without packing on the pounds.

  1. Sip Wisely
    • Buttered rum, mulled wine, egg nog – these super yummy drinks can quickly add up in the calorie department. Indulge in just one or two at a party. Have a glass of water in between, and stick with low-calorie options like diet soda with liquor or a small glass of wine.

  2. Don’t Arrive Hungry
    • Don’t drink on an empty stomach. You may get a little tipsy, causing you to lose inhibitions and overeat. Arriving famished will also give you the green light to gorge. Have some nuts or fruit before you arrive at the party so you won’t be tempted to overeat.

  3. Steer Clear of the Snack Table
    • Use a small plate and pick just one or two of your favorite foods to nosh on. Then, step away from the buffet! Out of sight, out of mind will work for your favor in this case.

  4. Bring Something Healthy
    • Consider bringing the vegetable tray with hummus for dipping, a fruit salad or some other healthy hors d’oeuvre. This way you know there will be something at the party that won’t ruin your diet.

  5. Encourage Physical Activity
    • My family loves to take a walk after Thanksgiving. Encourage friends or family at any party to take part in a little physical activity. This could include going for a walk, making snowmen in the backyard or racing around the block. Exercising after indulging will make you feel better, trust me.
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