How to avoid unhealthy impulse buys

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How do you battle impulse buying at the grocery store? It's not easy, especially since the store is setup to make you tempted to buy those extra items, by things like putting milk far from the door.

“But did you ever wonder why you see the same products week after week, usually unhealthy snacks and drinks in prominent positions, and in the middle of store shopper traffic flow?” asks Josh Elledge, of

“It actually could be affecting your health. The consumer advocacy group the center for science in the public interest has been calling for an end to that influence maintaining that the way stores make deals to feature and shelve products definitely affects the choices that Americans see and buy, and that ultimately affects their health,” Elledge said. “In that same effort, other advocates have pushed for healthier choices to be added to check out line selections and unhealthy selections reduced or eliminated.”

If unhealthy foods are less noticeable it could mean we buy them less and would be better for us.

“But that’s not better from the viewpoint of manufacturers,” Elledge said. “They pay unbelievable amounts to get their products in prime shelf placement because they know when shoppers see their product it makes them want to buy. And that financial power has resulted in healthier products from small companies not lasting in the market place. They simply can’t compete and CSPI points out that this affects the health of Americans.”

But stores have operated this way for years and change may be a long way off.

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