How to turn greed into gratitude

Tired of hearing your kids say, "I want this for Christmas, I want that for Christmas?" Around the holidays, it can be really hard for them to keep their desires for everything in sight in check.

According to the Center for Parenting Education, spoiled children tend to not have a sense of gratitude, and this can especially come out around the holidays.

Here are some ways to turn greed into gratitude:

  • Decide as a family what values are important and discuss them with your children.
  • Look at your own behavior. Do you have a "Keeping up with the Joneses" attitude yourself?
  • Set limits, make your children do chores, hold them accountable when they mess up and make amends when they're at fault for something
  • Make the holiday season about giving rather than receiving

Not every child is going to have a huge pile of presents under the Christmas tree. Consider limiting the number of gifts you give your own children and shop together for gifts for underprivileged families in your community.

Finally, find time to volunteer as a family and discuss why your family celebrates.

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