Library on wheels aims to get more kids reading


Not all kids have the luxury of visiting their local library, so one community is bringing the library to the kids.

Library employee Teighlor Molignaro says the idea came about after seeing a need in the community: the need to read.

"They're always on their phones or their computers, no one reads like they should," Molignaro said.

So they applied for a state grant to fund it and spent $3,000 on a pedal library.

"We'll be able to check everything out just down the street, wherever we are," Molignaro said.

Molignaro will be riding around on the bike when the kids get out of school and at community events.

"We're gonna do pop up libraries in the park for when kids get out of school," Molignaro said.

It's reading with a twist. All in hopes of getting more books out into the hands of young learners.

"We need to bring books back and we need to get kids outside," Molignaro said.