Popularity in women’s birth control choice changing


Today, women can choose from the most comprehensive list of contraceptives, and it’s up to every woman to decide which, if any, is best for her.

While the pill may be considered the gold standard, LARC or long acting reversible contraception, like the IUD or the Implant, may be on track to become the most popular form of birth control.

Research in the Journal Obstetrics and Gynecology, found that most family planning doctors studied prefer the IUD. In fact of 335 healthcare providers who reported being on birth control, 40 percent were using IUDs, yet only 6.3% of the women in the general population reported using long acting reversible contraception.

“LARC includes types of birth control that you don’t have to think about weekly, monthly or daily and that makes them very effective because you can't forget about it and that’s one of it’s benefits,” said Dr. Cara Syth, OB/GYN at the Mayo Clinic Health System. “It’s actually as effective as permanent sterilization but it’s 100 percent reversible.”

“So if at any point in time you decide you are ready for another child or to start a family, it can be removed and there’s no delay in your fertility coming back. You can start to attempt for pregnancy right away,” Syth said.

“The LARC options that have progesterone are also very beneficial for women who want to decrease the amount of bleeding that they’re having, in case they have heavy bleeding, and all of the LARC options contain no estrogen, so for women who can’t have extra estrogen, they’re very beneficial,” Syth said.

“There are four different types. One is called Nexplanon and it’s a rod that we place in the upper arm here in an office setting and it’s good for three years. Skyla is an intrauterine device or IUD that we place in the uterus and is good for 3 years. Mirena, another IUD that’s good for 5 years and Paragard a non-hormonal IUD it’s good for 10 years.”

It’s recommended that you talk with your doctor to determine what birth control is right for you.

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