More time outdoors may improve kids' eyesight

There’s even more reason to let the kids run around outdoors: it may improve their eyesight.

According to a Chinese study, kids who spent 40 additional minutes of outdoor activities each day had lower rates of nearsightedness than those that did not.

Nearsightedness, when you can see close objects clearly, but objects farther away appear blurred, has reached epidemic levels in some parts of the world, specifically in East and Southeast Asia.

According to the American Optometric Association, the condition generally first occurs in school-aged children, and it affects about 30 percent of the total US population.

Treatment includes glasses or contact lenses, vision therapy and a variety of surgical procedures.

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Katie Kuenkel
Katie and her husband are proud parents of four busy kids (including twins!) and one mischievous puppy. In her free time, Katie enjoys waterskiing, basketball, boating, bowling, , photography, spending time with friends, and going to Daughtry concerts. ;)

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