Are you at risk for cognitive decline?

There’s a new online test that could help test cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s risk factors. It’s called Imprint Checkup.

With Imprint Checkup, all you need is a webcam and an internet connection. The test only takes about five minutes and it can be done at home or a doctor's office.

During the first phase of the test, a person is shown identical images side-by-side while the webcam tracks your eye movement.

In the second phase, one of the original images is shown again, but this time with a new adjacent image. Scientists say a healthy brain will instruct the eyes to spend more time looking at the new image.

Anyone experiencing cognitive decline will fail to recognize the new image and the eyes will go back and forth, spending equal time on both the new and old images.

The inventors of Imprint Checkup say the test is an easy way to use everyday technology for early detection. The test can be used to establish a baseline before any signs of problems occur.

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