Motherboard: Boost your home's Wi-Fi

If you're Wi-Fi is lagging at your house there could be several solutions to keep everyone happily online.

Your router can be stressed with the kids doing homework and you hanging out on Facebook or trying to stream Netflix all at the same time.

Sometimes it’s too much for your home Wi-Fi to handle.

In addition, things like walls, furniture, appliances, even your neighbor's Wi-Fi can interfere with your connection and cause dead zones.

If you're seeing a lot of lag time, check out the EERO home router system.

For MomsEveryday Host and Motherboard reporter Rebecca Regnier it sped things up at her house.

“I tested it while my son was gaming, my husband was on his smart phone and I was watching amazon,” Regnier reported.

“This system helps you figure out where to place the Wi-Fi units to avoid dead zones, it also looks nice so you don't have to hide it, and the complete in home system sets up in several places in your house for max speed,” Regnier said.

Set up is easy, with the EERO app.

The app itself can do things like reset and update your router when needed, and it offers screen time control.

You can set bedtimes, dinner times, or game night times per device so you control when Wi-Fi goes down. It's not cheap - units range from from $200 to $500, but if Wi-Fi interruption is driving you nuts take a look.

If your Wi-Fi is slow and your router is two or more years old, it might be time to put a new one on the Christmas list. Likely you got your unit before streaming shows on Amazon or Netflix became popular.

If you're trying to speed up Wi-Fi for no cost, there are few things to check.

Check your router's placement.
Look around, Wi-Fi signals hate water, glass, metal and brick. Get your router out from under a desk and into an open space, preferably in the center of your home, and off the floor.

Use your phone to measure your signal strength.
Apps like Cloudcheck will find dead zones in your home. Move your router out of there.

Wire it up like the old days.
If your kids are playing Xbox and it's eating up your Wi-Fi consider plugging in the gaming console - using a networking cable - directly into your router. That way you can save some of your Wi-Fi speed.

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