Myth: Eating healthy is more expensive


Ever wonder why healthy eating costs more?

“It doesn’t,” Melissa Robbins, Personal Trainer, Life Coach and MomsEveryday host in West Virginia. “The assumption that healthy eating is more expensive than unhealthy eating is based on a lot of false comparisons.”

  • The Convenience Factor: Is a fast food salad more expensive than something on the dollar menu? Yes. But you can go to the grocery store and buy a whole chicken that would feed one person a meal a day for an entire week or a family of 4-5 two separate meals. That whole chicken is cheaper than one combo meal at a fast food chain.
  • Wasting Healthy Food: Sometimes people feel like when they do buy healthy food, that it ends up going to waste or going bad before they eat it. Keep it simple. When you go to the store, you don’t have to buy eight different cuts of meat. Each week, alternate the meats that you’re buying and alternate the fruits and vegetables that you’re buying. Switch things up each week. Also try incorporating one fruit or vegetable that you've never tried into your week.
  • Use Leftovers: Cut leftover fruits and veggies into smaller pieces and put them in freezer bags or containers to freeze for smoothies.
  • Time Convenience: A lot of times we believe packaged food would be quicker and easier to make, rather than using fresh vegetables. But if you take into account the time it takes to cut up a vegetable and roast it in the oven for 10 minutes -- about 17 minutes -- is the same amount of time that it would take to make store bought macaroni and cheese.
  • Health Costs: Most importantly look at what not eating healthy is costing you. Time away from work, time away from your family, not feeling well a weakened immune system.

“When it comes down to it if you look at all of the factors, eating healthfully in a way that is fueling your body is cheaper,” Robbins said.