New Year's Eve traditions

Happy New Year! We’ve been wishing each other good fortune and good health for centuries at this time of year.

In fact… RINGING in the new year started in ancient times as many countries rang church bells at midnight.

We also celebrate by popping champagne corks and lighting fireworks. WHY??? Well, it’s a lot safer than our forefathers traditions of shooting guns at midnight! It dates back to ancient times when it was thought that noise would scare away demons and the forces of darkness.

In the southern United States, black-eyed peas are thought to bring good luck on new years day -- Brazilians believe lentils signify wealth and prosperity. In Spain the custom is to eat 12 grapes at midnight -- and in Swiss homes dropping a blob of whipped cream on the floor symbolizes richness in the coming year!

If you plan to make a resolution this year, you will be doing something we’ve been doing for centuries. In fact, the Babylonians stated it as early as 2600 BC as a way to reflect on the past and plan ahead.

Have a happy and prosperous New Year.

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Pam Tauscher
Pam works as Executive Producer and Panel Moderator for the MomsEveryday Show, as well as serving as MomsEveryday host in her local market in Madison, WI.

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