Packing hacks for your next getaway


Heading on a spring break vacation? Here are a few packing tips to help make your trip go smoothly.

For short trips, a carry-on suitcase is all that’s necessary to hold everything you’ll need for your well-deserved vacation.

By bringing a carry-on, you’ll avoid a $25 baggage fee and the wait to have it checked and claimed.

Of course, this means packing light. Bring garments that can be mixed and matched, so you can get more outfits out of a few pieces. Think similar color schemes and neutrals.

Bring light layers, rather than a bulky coat. And remember, it’s okay to wear jeans or blouses more than once between washes.

It’s hard to completely avoid wrinkles, but you can minimize them by placing tissue paper between garments to prevent them from rubbing against each other.

Take the time to fold everything neatly. Jeans, sweaters and t-shirts can be rolled. Jackets should be turned inside out and then folded.

Avoid linen and silk - which will wrinkle no matter what you do!

Hang up items right when you get to your destination. Bonus points for hanging near the shower! That steam can help release remaining wrinkles.

Make the most of your suitcase space by using your shoes to store toiletries, jewelry or socks and underwear.

Also, plan to wear the bulkiest pair you’re bringing, so you don’t have to worry about squeezing them in with the others.

Place the shoes you do plan on packing in a shoe bag… plastic is fine - even wrapping in tissue paper or saran wrap will keep your clothes clean.

Use the outer pockets of your carry-on for items like magazines and snacks for easy access.

Finally, are you big on souvenirs? Don’t over-stuff your suitcase, so you have a little room for keepsakes from the trip.