Postpartum rates higher for moms with babies in NICU


While neonatal intensive care units are designed for the care of ill or premature newborns, a groundbreaking program at Nebraska Medicine is focusing on mothers in the NICU.

The hospital's screenings have showng the numbers for NICU moms battling postpartum depression is double the incidence of moms outside the NICU.

NICU Medical Director Dr. Ann Anderson-Berry says she saw an unaddressed problem when 28 percent of NICU moms screened positive for postpartum depression. Their program includes screening, diagnosis, support and treatment for moms who are diagnosed.

She would like to see this process happen not only in her region, but nationwide.

Postpartum depression affects more than 3 million women a year and includes symptoms of insomnia, loss of appetite, intense irritability and difficulty bonding with the baby.

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