Signs of anxiety in children

Boys Town

Back to school time can create anxiety or fear in many children. According to Boys Town, one of the largest national childcare organizations, anxiety can sometimes be hard to pinpoint, and it can surface and look different depending on the child. Sometimes it can seem that they’re being defiant.

Amanda Setlak, Boys Town Psychologist suggests a few signs your child might have anxiety, “If you start seeing the general quality of life is starting to diminish and they are not able to let go of things and they’re not enjoying the things they use to, don’t want to try things, want to stay comfortable, or too much time on homework.”

Here are more signs to look for:

1. You may find there’s impairment and they no longer want to do activities or go to school.
2. Also, they may complain of stomach aches or headaches around the time they are supposed to go to an event or school.

Professionals encourage you not to address their fears near bedtime as this can cause discomfort and lead to bigger problems.

Anxiety can be a serious problem, so look at consulting an expert when it comes to these issues.
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