Stay-at-home moms losing out on more than just current income


A woman who stays home to raise children forfeits up to four times her salary each year she is out of the workforce. That’s according to author and career coach Kathryn Sollmann who advocates for women to always work in some capacity.

Sollmann suggests women look at work as a means to long-term financial security and the ability to fund life's what ifs.

“If you don’t have enough money, say for retirement, and you get hit by a number of life you-never-knows that have to be funded as well, you could actually burden those very same children later in life, if you run out of money,” Sollmann said.

Have you heard the argument that you shouldn't work if the cost of childcare is more than your income? Sollmann says even if you're not bringing home much money, or any at all, working is still an investment in your future and earning power by limiting your resume gaps.

Kathryn is the author of Ambition Redefined: How to Find Flexible Work & Financial Security (Without Neglecting Your Family or Yourself), set for publication in 2018 by Nicholas Brealey (Hachette Business Group).