Valentine's Day tips for single moms

Heather Monahan

Single mom & business expert Heather Monahan is putting out a positive message that Valentine's Day is about love ... but that doesn't have to mean romantic love.

"Valentine's Day is a great way to spread love to friends, family, your kids, strangers, and people in need," Heather says. "So embrace the day and make it fun by creating some of your own annual rituals!"

Here are Heather's tips for single moms on Valentine's Day:

  • Create some annual activities that you do with just you and your kids. Whether you want to get crafty or just watch "A Charlie Brown Valentine" with your kids as you devour some pizza, creating annual rituals will be fun and give you and your kids something to look forward to every year. Whether it's baking, or a craft project, the key is to create a loving environment where everyone is having fun, spending time together, and even doing something creative together.
  • Throw your own party with your kids. If you're feeling a bit down this year, or don¹t have anywhere to go, throw your own party! Invite some of the other parents (whether single or in relationships) over with their kids to make Valentines and enjoy some sweets.
  • Love yourself and practice self-care. Embrace where you are right now in your life and remember, there¹s nothing wrong with being single! If no one is buying you a Valentine¹s Day gift this year, buy or make yourself one. Do something nice for you, whether that¹s booking a massage, running a bubble bath, or buying yourself something special. Self-love and self-care are super important to stay positive. And when you¹re in a positive mind space, you attract other positive people into your life.
  • Do something nice for someone else. One of the best ways to feel love is to give love. You can give love in small ways and large ways. You could smile at someone on the street, pay for someone¹s meal behind you in a drive through, donate to a charity, and spend some time volunteering. Volunteering with your kids and helping others is a great way to feel love and spread love for Valentine¹s Day.

Heather Monahan runs Heather Monahan, LLC, a mentoring group that advises women on various workplace issues. Heather has a distinct perspective as both employee and hiring manager. It is this 360º knowledge of the workplace that allows Heather to inform others on how to best approach the job force and understand how to holistically set themselves up for success. Transparency around her struggles as a single mom and her own life challenges and successes allows her to connect with others, celebrate their attributes and teach them to leverage these traits in their favor. A native of Worcester, MA, and graduate of Clark University with a liberal arts degree in Psychology, Heather has more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience.

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