Ways to support single moms


Mothers on their own, whether by circumstance or by choice, parent about 22 million children in America. Single moms do a remarkable job of taking care of their children all by themselves.

ESME, Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere, is a social platform dedicated to providing resources and guidance for solo moms.

The founder, Dr. Marika Lindolm says single parents need and deserve support – and we can all play a part in doing so.

“So as a friend or an ally of a single mom, pay attention to what they say. Are they talking about, perhaps, Oh I’m so tired of making dinner every night. They’re not going to come out and ask you, could you help me with dinner one night? But if you pay attention to their needs, you could help address that,” Dr. Marika said.

She says solo moms will never say no to help with childcare and help with meals. She also says it’s great to applaud a single mom when you see them doing a great job.

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