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“It’s the most… wonderful time…of the year!” Sorry that song is stuck in my head as I’m writing this. :) I absolutely love Christmas, but it can make it extremely challenging for those of us trying to stick to our fitness plan. So what’s your biggest concern over the holidays? Could it be all the irresistible cookies and sweets that are lurking around every corner? Yup, that’s mine too!

Nothing will halt your fitness plan and send your body into fat storage mode faster than all those sugary treats. Does that mean you are banned from all the fun and can’t enjoy a single Christmas cookie? Of course not! However, it does require a plan. So here are a few simple things you can implement in your strategy for success to avoid derailing your healthy eating and fitness plan.

1. Have a Plan (OK I already said this, but it’s important)

Plan when you are going to have an indulgence, that way you have something to look forward to.

2. Stick with 0 calorie drinks

Make water, green or herbal tea, and almond milk your main staples when it comes to drinks. Avoid the coffee frappes, juice, sodas, and egg nog (unless that’s your indulgence). Many people don’t realize how quickly you can rack the calories up when you drink beverages like these.

3. Don’t Skip Meals

People often make the mistake of skipping meals so they can “save their calories” for the holiday office party they’ll be going to later. Doing this will only slow your metabolism and cause you to eat more than you would have if you had eaten your normal meals because you are starving and before you even get to the party you’re considering eating your own foot. Just make sure to eat clean throughout the day, that way you will have better control of what you’ll be putting into your mouth later.

4. Pay Attention

When you do allow yourself your special sweet treat, do so in moderation and give your full attention to enjoying your treat. When we’re distracted, we eat way more than we should. Sounds kinda silly but think about how distracted we usually are when we eat. Not only do we barely taste what we’re eating, but we tend to eat way more too. So slow down, and enjoy every bite.

Hopefully these simple tips help you to stick to your healthy eating and fitness plan, yet still give you the chance to indulge a little and enjoy this special time of year!

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