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My little one and I were given a chance to try out and review the online virtual world of Math Blaster. Knowledge Adventure, the makers of Jumpstart also. We played with both Mathblaster and Jumpstart and he had a great time with both! Actually I’m now going to have to commit to a subscription since he still is playing it when he gets a chance.

I remember Math Blaster and other Knowledge Adventure games from when my older two were little. They were GREAT educational games then and still are! The educational skills are embedded in the games helping kids have a great time while learning. My little one was quickly able to master using the arrows and space bar to navigate around. Shortly after he figured it out though my 15 year old, the middle one, jumped on and had to play for a little while.

You can choose to play free or join the membership option. With membership you get more games, some games to download, and some custom avatar add-ons. Membership includes both and It also allows up to six children in your membership so each child can have their own avatar. My little one can already identify his own avatar. Additionally he somehow found the chat feature, I received an email asking for permission for him to chat in the game. I think this could be fun if your child’s friends are also playing and helps build reading and writing skills to go along with the math skills.

For kids that love playing video games I would definitely check this out. We had a great time with it and will keep playing it in the future. Check MathBlaster out at For younger kids (starting at 3), is a great choice too. I (and my little one too) loved the duck matching game.

I would highly recommend and! Membership is $7.99 a month, $74.99 if you want to pay for a year or a one time payment of $149.99 that gives you lifetime membership.

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