Get crafty for Thanksgiving!


What better way to enjoy the Thanksgiving season than with a few crafts for the entire family to take part in!

Whether they're for your decorating needs this holiday season, for a little entertainment, or to just provide a little quality time with you and the family, here are just a few crafts to try ... and have fun with!

For Kids

Handprint Thanksgiving Wreath
Craft Idea courtesy of AmazingMoms: Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

What You'll Need

* Construction paper, felt or craft foam in autumn colors
* Poster Board
* Scissors
* Glue
* Brown Buttons
* Permanent Marker

How You Put it All Together

1.) Fashion the wreath leaves, by tracing your child's or the entire family's
hands on colored paper.

2.) Cut several hands in a variety of colors. If you are using paper or craft foam as opposed to felt, use markers to write messages on the hands, listing reasons to be thankful.

3.) Cut the wreath ring using poster board or cardboard.

4.) Glue the felt or paper hands randomly around the wreath, until the cardboard is covered.

5.) Attach buttons, or nuts with a glue gun. (Special Note: This is a job for an adult.)

6.) Add your ribbon for hanging.

Turkey Treat Holder
Craft Idea courtesy of AmazingMoms: Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

What You'll Need

* Craft foam sheets; brown, orange, red, yellow
* Small terracotta pot
* Scissors
* Craft glue, glue stick or glue dots
* Plastic wiggle eyes
* Candy or nuts, for filling

How You Put it All Together

1.) Cut four feathers, brown oval body and heart shaped feet for each turkey.

2.) Attach the feathers to the back of terracotta pot.

3.) Secure the plastic eyes and a beak to the brown oval to create your turkey head. With the supervision of an adult, glue that piece to the front of the terracotta pot.

4.) Glue the pot onto the heart and fill with treats.

For the Whole Family

Mayflower Craft and Table Centerpiece
Craft Idea courtesy of AmazingMoms: Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

What You'll Need

* A clean cardboard milk carton
* Brown Paper Bag
* Construction or cardstock paper White and various colors
* Glue sticks
* Wood Dowel
* Two apples
* Scissors
* Tape
* Pens or Pencils

How You Put it All Together

1.) First, cut one side from the milk carton and cover the inside and outside with the paper from the brown paper bag. Tip: A stapler and glue stick will do the trick.

2.) Using the white paper, cut two large rectangles and two small rectangles for the sails.

3.) Using the white or colored paper, cut two triangle flags for the top of your masts. You'll need two pieces of dowel for your masts, about 18 inches each.

4.) Poke the dowel through the top and bottom of the sails; you can use a hole punch first.

5.) Now that your sails are prepared, place the apples into the ship (the open side) and stick the masts into the apples so that they stand up.

6.) Fill your new Mayflower with slips of colored paper and pencils.

Special Note: As the holiday season approaches it's difficult to keep the focus on our blessings, but when you turn this Mayflower craft into a family activity you'll find it's a great way to kick-off the season. For several days before the Thanksgiving holiday, encourage your family to use the slips of colored paper and pencils to count their blessings; simple one word messages are ok. Don't forget to help the younger children. On Thanksgiving Day, read the messages aloud and see if the kids can guess the author. Providing paper and pencil for your guests will allow them to join in on the ship of Thanksgiving.

Pilgrim and Indian Village
Craft Idea courtesy of

What You'll Need

* A large piece of thick paper. (You can tape together a few regular sized pieces of paper if you don't have one piece that is large enough.)
* Cardboard milk containers (The small, half-pint, school size containers are perfect for this activity or you can take the one quart containers and cut them in half.)
* Paper or plastic cups and/or plastic yogurt containers
Note: The number of milk containers and cups or yogurt containers depends on how large you wish to make your village.
* Construction Paper
* Drinking straws
* Glue
* Liquid dish detergent
* Tempera paint (Have brown and green available)
* Small amount of Playdoh or clay
* Scissors
* Paint Brushes
* Newspaper to cover your work area

How You Put it All Together

1.) Discuss the difference between Pilgrims and Indians and how each lived in different types of houses. (Your child may have already learned this in pre-school. Check what he/she already knows.) Tell her/him that you are going to make both types of houses.

2.) Cover the work area with newspaper.

3.) Put a bit of dish washing liquid into brown paint. (The dish washing liquid helps the paint stick to the waxy surface of the milk containers.)

4.) If you are using one-quart containers, cut them in half. The top portion can be painted. Take the bottom part and cut the creases down several inches. Then staple or tape the top ends together in the shape of a roof.

5.) Have the kids paint the milk containers brown, then put the houses on the side to dry.

6.) Take plastic cups, paper cups or yogurt containers and turn them upside down.

7.) Cut a triangular hole in the bottom for the door.

8.) Put a bit of dish washing liquid into the paint you are going to use so it will stick to the wax. (Oranges, reds, and yellows are "Indian" appropriate, but once again, let your kids choose. It is better to have your child feel it is his or her work than to have it look realistic.)

9.) Have your child paint the cups in a colorful manner.

10.) If you are using a plain white plastic cup, you can use magic markers instead of paint. This way is far less messy, but of course is also less impressive looking.

11.) If you have used paint, then put the "wigwams" out to dry.

12.) Have your child paint a large, thick piece of paper. If you don't have a big enough piece of paper, you can tape a few pieces together. The paper will serve as the "ground," so use the color green if you have it. If your child really wants to use brown or another color, don't insist. Do point out that the base is supposed to be the ground.

13.) Let your child brush glue onto the bottom of the cups and milk containers and then place them down on the base. Glue the wigwams on one side and the houses on the other, with some space in the middle.

14.) Let your child take four small balls of Playdoh or clay and glue them down where he/she wants the table legs to be.

15.) Cut two straws in half and place each half into a ball of Playdoh or clay.

16.) Cut out a piece of cardboard or construction paper.

17.) Have your child color the paper or cardboard in an appropriate color for a Thanksgiving table.

18.) Glue the piece of paper or cardboard onto the straws.

If you wish, stop here. You should now be able to show your child, in miniature, the idea/concept of the Thanksgiving feast. Discuss how people who lived in two different types of houses, and lived in two different ways all sat down at the same table to eat together. Want to do more? CLICK HERE for more ways you can add to your village!

Other Craft Project Ideas

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