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About Us

Do you have the courage to Rediscover Yourself?

By clearing negative thought patterns you will experience an inner calmness, clearer thinking, and be more focused.

Energy Sound Healing is a technique and the key to your success and happiness. Our results are positive, effective, fast, safe and non-invasive.

Rediscover Yourself FAQ

How Can Energy Sound Healing work for you?
Energy Sound Healing is a technique and the key to your success and happiness. Our results are positive, effective, fast, safe and non-invasive.

Science says that everything is energy which is within itself vibration and frequency. We use a sound frequency that raises, for instance, the vibration of an issue. To put this in perspective we are like a computer, if we have too many programs running in the background the computer runs slower. The same thing happens with our mind. If we have too many negative thoughts we become overwhelmed which can lead to a number of health related issues. Both physically and emotionally.

How safe is it?
We use specific sound frequencies that resonate within the body to remove your negative thoughts and unwanted energy. This process is done with non-force kinesiology, NOT, drugs which makes this completely harmless.

How fast will I get results?
The treatment time can be anywhere from 45 – 90 minutes. When we are finished we will test you again to see what issues have been removed and what is still present within you.

Can you guarantee results?
Of course there are exceptions when deep suppression, depression, and high anxiety are present and can be determined before the treatment . These cases are multi-faceted and may take extra sessions according to the severity of the issues.

How much does it cost?
A treatment is $75 per clearing whether its 45 minutes or an hour an a half. A clearing is the removal of an issue that is causing you stress or emotional distress. We go on vacations to get away from the tension in our everyday lives just to return to them. We pay a lot of money for a temporary fix.

Why should I try Sound Healing for myself?
Energy Sound Healing saves clients time and money. We remove the underlying cause of an issue creating a permanent solution. We get excited about our clients immediately taking on the challenge of their old issue and finding them exhilarated by their ability to control the situation in a powerful manner.

Our Services

We can help make your life easier, no matter what problems you face. We focus on many different areas to fit your needs.

Energy Sound Healing is a technique and the key to your success and happiness. Our results are positive, effective, fast, safe and non-invasive. We discovered that our actions are primarily controlled by unconscious beliefs that are mostly passed down through generations. We are not consciously aware of these beliefs and are led to believe that our actions are normal. When you act from your true self you are in power and have control over your life. When you act in your primal nature you live in fear and act out of instinct, even when it is inappropriate. When acting within your primal nature you are easily controlled by those who know how to push your buttons. You are stuck and overwhelmed by the events and people around you.

Counseling can sometimes suppress your emotions, but you remain a slave, having to struggle and suffer because the underlying issue is still in charge of how you react and feel. We use your thoughts along with proprietary sound frequencies to permanently remove the negative emotions. These are the causes behind the stories and events that rule your life. Though it may sound unbelievable the results are almost 100% effective. The freedom you experience is remarkable in itself, but more importantly you find that you are in control of your emotions. You are more focused and clearer thinking. You are the person you always wanted to be. People around you start treating you with more respect and usually stop trying to control you all together. Positive things start flowing to you and you begin to feel peace, joy, and abundance as your true reality.

The results you can expect from Sound Healing

  • Eliminates negativity and emotional pain
  • Eliminates prejudices
  • Raises consciousness to a higher level
  • Increases intelligence
  • You feel better about yourself
  • You feel peaceful
  • Your stress level lowers
  • Gives confidence and competence (you have innate intelligence that you will be able to tap into)
  • Relationships improve
  • Eliminates the ability of people to “push your buttons”
  • People do things for you because they want to
  • People change for the better when in your presence
  • People are drawn to you
  • Your level of happiness rises
  • Life is easier
  • Good things flow to you