Resolutions for positive parenting practices

The stress of the holidays can take its toll on parents, leaving us frustrated and tired. And when children get off of schedule that can leave them unhappy as well.

Here are some parenting resolutions for the new year from Boys Town.

For toddlers:

  • Continue nap time or start it again if your kids got out of the habit during the hustle and bustle of the holidays.
  • Make sure bedtime and mealtime are consistent. Incorporate healthy foods into your diets.
  • Praise your child often for good behavior and keep calm when disciplining.

For younger children and tweens:

  • Set a consistent bedtime and routine.
  • Encourage healthy eating.
  • Remind children about established rules for behavior.
  • Use timeouts for younger children. For tweens, limit access to screens.

For teenagers:

  • Encourage your teen to get adequate rest each night.
  • Remind them to enjoy food, activities and parties in moderation.
  • Set curfews and ask the who, what, where, when and why questions.
  • Practice patience and be flexible.

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