Dad creates X-Plan for teens in emergencies


Teenagers can find themselves in uncomfortable situations. Maybe their friends are doing something illegal, or just something they don't feel right about. These teens need a way out while saving face with their friends.

Recently, a West Virginia dad came up with the X-Plan, and it's since gone viral.

How does it work?

If at any time, a teen feels uncomfortable in a situation, all he or she needs to do is text the letter "X" to a parent, sibling or other trusted adult. The person who receives the text knows to immediately call the teen to tell them that something has come up and they're on their way to pick them up.

The teen then tells his or her friends that something has happened and it's time to leave.

Bert Fulks, the father who came up with the X-Plan, says that families should have open conversations about a plan that works for them, and what's important is to build trust.

"We are our brothers and sister’s keeper so if there’s anyone that’s in a potentially dangerous situation, there’s a moral obligation to tell us and we’ll deal with it as we think best, but beyond that, they don’t have to talk to us about whatever was going on," Bert said.

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