How to set up your own home bar

It’s the time of year when unexpected guests may drop by at any time, or you want to have a holiday party at your home. Lifestyle expert Andrew Skipper has some tips on having your beverage center stocked and ready for the season.

"Start by having some alcohol and mixers on hand," Skipper said. "That just depends on what you like or what your friends like."

Set out a nice tray with everything corralled together, including bar tools, napkins and cocktail picks. You can decant any alcohol that's not in a nice bottle.

Skipper also advises you to take stock of your stemware and make sure you have the basics like wine glasses, shorter "rocks" glasses, and champagne flutes for festive occasions. If you’re just building your stemware collection, consider stemless wine glasses which can be used for almost any beverage because of their great shape and they are easy for your guests to hold.

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Andrew Skipper
Andrew Skipper is a Lifestyle Expert woking internationally both in America and Europe. His company, Andrew Skipper Everyday, focuses on helping people elevate the everyday tasks they perform and objects they live with.

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