Life on a houseboat


One couple says they're thoroughly enjoying their visit to Panama City Beach. At the Bay Point Marina they spent a weekend on a boat, which is actually how they plan to spend a lot of their days.

They say home is where the heart is and the heart of the Graham family floats. Steve and Nicole Graham live on their sailboat with their dog Penny and their first mate Fischer. This is 41 feet of hard work, dollars saved and dreams realized which they call home.

“So we went to the Margaritaville in Destin, had a Margarita and decided to buy the boat," Steve explained. Nicole and Steve, married just a few years ago, have dreamed of travel and mobility. "Kind of making our home where we are instead of a permanent location," Steve said.

After a few moves and an expiring lease, the newlyweds abandoned land and boarded ship-full time- for a year. "That year was a little bit tough. It was pretty much camping," Nicole said.

But the Grahams built their dream piece by piece all by themselves.
"He actually sewed the bimini and anything you see upstairs, Steve sewed," said Nicole.

With the addition of the newest crew member they became temporary landlubbers. But recently moved back on board. Steve has quit his job and with savings and side income plans to sail through life as long as it sends them fair winds.

"We're freaked out, but we're also kind of excited about what will come along the way," Steve said.

Theirs is a life of minimalism, conservation and living in the present.

"Just the simplicity of this lifestyle has brought us so much happiness I think," said Nicole admitting that it’s not always glamorous.."I’m like, no, I have to use a community shower!"

This home, is theirs.

“We're every happy right now and I think it can only get better," Nicole said.

The Grahams say their minimalist and simplistic lifestyle is attainable. While they sail, they're sharing projects, pictures, how to’s and plenty of baby pictures on their website.

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