Great apps to help parents track their kids

The older the kids get the harder they get to keep track of. Sometimes you have to employ the high tech you carry around with you all day.

Here are three apps that can help you keep a loving eye on the kids when they're out.

Life360 – This app is especially useful when the kids are in elementary school and beyond. Everyone in your circle with a smart phone is tracked via GPS. It will let you know where the kids are of course, but it will also alert you when they get where they said they were going.

Life360 has several levels of service and works on Android and iOS.

If you're worried about teens behind the wheel, there's an app that can keep an eye on them when you're not in the car. Safedriver measures speed and location. You can set a speed threshold -- if the teen goes over that speed, you'll be notified and if the driver disables the feature you're notified.

Many insurance carriers are now behind safe driving apps. Another good place to look is with your own insurance company.

Then there's safety of a different sort. If anyone in your family has an allergy or a food sensitivity check out My Food Facts.

This app uses the barcode scanner on the foods you're considering buying and displays the ingredients in a large clear font right on your screen. You can set it to be on the alert for lactose, gluten, or whatever might cause problems. My food facts is free for iOS and Android devices.

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