Non-profit honors military moms-to-be


Forty military moms-to-be, whose spouses are currently deployed, were given the ultimate surprise recently, as a non-profit organization and a grocery store company HEB teamed up to give these woman the best baby shower ever.

"I do this as a way to give back,” said Leann Morrissey, Chief Shower Officer and founder of Operation Shower. “It’s a way to say thank you."
The non-profit organization is on a mission to honor and celebrate military moms-to-be.

Morrissey’s uncle was deployed when his youngest son was born and that inspired her to create the organization.

"They're separated during this supposed to be joyous time,” Morrissey said. “But it's also a really hard time when they are not together. And, so, I feel like this is something I can do. I didn't know what to send overseas, but I knew what a new mom might need."

She teamed up with a local grocery store to give 40 Central Texas expectant mothers the best baby shower they could ask for.

"This is a wonderful way for military spouses to get together and celebrate our babies," said Elizabeth Kuschel.

For her, the surprise was overwhelming. She didn't expect a baby shower because her family lives too far away and she did not have one before losing her triplets last year.

"When I walked in I got emotional just because how overwhelming this was for me because just getting this far in pregnancy I didn't get this far in my last pregnancy,” Kuschel said. “God is good all the time."

Like every shower, the women enjoyed games, good food, and everyone left with prizes and supplies every new mom will need.

"Operation shower was wonderful,” said Lenny Rosario. “I love it! it was really, really good and I hope they continue doing that for other moms."

Operation Shower has supported more than 5,000 military families across the country. They are always looking for volunteers to help out these families. You can get more information at