Planting indoor flowers


Even though the weather is cold, and it's winter time, that doesn't mean that you can't have some fresh life inside your house.

Decorating expert Andrew Skipper is adding some life to our winter doldrums with a lesson in growing 'paperwhites' or 'amaryllis' bulbs.

“You can pick them up at your local florist, or even some craft or hobby stores,” Skipper said. “When you open up the boxes, you're going to see the bulb, with the sprout and the roots. And then they are also going to come with with some dirt compound, and a little pot. If you have a prettier container to put these in, do that to add to the style of it.”
“I like to use a nice vintage Italian container,” Skipper said. “I think it looks great with the red amaryllis coming out of it.”

“Follow the instructions in your packet, but for this one we're just going to put it down in the soil, and then pour a cup and a half of warm water directly on the compound. Then, you want to let that sit for about 10 to 15 minutes, and that’s going to expand. Then you can get in there and mix up the dirt. You want the bulb to be coming out of the dirt. That’s what is going to help them sprout.

“This is where it gets messy folks!” Skipper advised. “You want to make sure that you put your planter in a spot that gets plenty of natural light. that's going to help the bulb sprout and grow in the next couple of weeks.”

When they actually blossom, keep them away from the natural light to prolong the blossom.

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