Turn your child's artwork into something they can wear

Need a fun rainy day craft project to entertain the kids? Here’s a fun idea that puts their art skills on display so they can show them off anywhere!

Crayon Printed T-Shirt


  • General Purple Sandpaper
  • Crayons
  • 100% Cotton T-Shirt
  • Parchment Paper
  • Iron


1. Color heavy on the sandpaper

2. Place cardboard inside the t-shirt and preheat iron on high (Cotton setting)

3. Place the colored sandpaper on top of the shirt with the crayon side touching the front of the t-shirt

4. Use parchment paper to cover the sandpaper (to protect your iron)

5. Apply iron moving it very slowly with little pressure for about 2 minutes

6. Put shirt in dryer on high for 20-30 minutes

About the Author...
Whitney Kent
Whitney was originally born and raised in Bel Air, Maryland but moving farther South was always her dream.