Ways to save money on back-to-school

Savings Angel

Back to school spending has grown over 55% in the past 10 years, and last year’s spending was estimated to average $630 per student.

While that cost takes into account clothing, as well as the electronics that have become such a necessity in modern education, a sizeable portion still remains for basic supplies.

To reduce that cost, Josh Elledge from SavingsAngel.com has 4 tips to save money on back to school shopping:

#1) Reuse as many things as possible. Go through your house this week and gather together everything that is still useful and make a list of them. Then you will know what you need to watch for a deal on and what you can skip.

#2) Start shopping for school supplies NOW. To really save huge, you need time to cherry-pick the best deals as they crop up. It will take planning and driving around to different stores over the next several weeks, but it is SO worth it when you save 50-75% or better off EVERYTHING you need.

#3) When in doubt - buy it. If the price is very low but you’re not sure you’ll need it - buy it anyway. Better to buy and then donate it later to the school than to wish you’d gotten something when it was 60% off.

#4) Hit the clothing clearance racks. Over the next few weeks, stores will be putting current clothing on clearance to make room for fresh back to school inventory.

Even if you don’t live where it stays warmer well into fall, you’ll not want to miss the steals for items your kids can use for the beginning of school. And don’t forget to buy ahead for spring, when it warms up again.

And, if you’re looking to save even more, hit the secondhand and consignment shops right away too. Few comb the racks this early, and people often clean out their closets in spring and early summer, so selection could be plentiful.