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About Us

Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center Mission

To collaborate with community partners providing best practices in transition and wellness services for Veterans, Military and their Families by delivering expertise, resources, space and sustainability.
What We Do

Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center has changed the way the Military and Veteran community in the greater Pikes Peak Region receives support and services. Our community is incredibly focused on supporting our military heroes and there is truly a “sea of good will” here with dozens of reputable organizations poised to take care of the varied challenges that Veterans, Military and their Families face every day. The greatest hurdle to accessing this support had been knowing where to begin, and subsequently knowing how to navigate all of these great programs. Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center makes it EASY by bringing together, under one-roof, many of these passionate partners to simplify the process of getting the help and assistance these men and woman so richly deserve. Along with bringing the best of our community together, we also offer our own proprietary programming in areas where there were gaps in service. All of these efforts together, in one location, has had a positive impact in our community!

Today, at Mt. Carmel Military, Veterans and their Family members have direct access to a wide-range of programs and services to include:

  • Behavioral health counseling
  • Employment and transition support
  • Job placement and internships
  • Benefits support
  • Non-clinical case management and resource navigation
  • Housing assistance
  • Financial coaching, classes and assistance
  • Legal assistance
  • Education assistance – “understanding your GI Bill”


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Behavioral Health & Wellness

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Benefits & Resource Assistance

Non-Clinical Case Management Our Generalist Navigator assists with supportive social Read More

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” —Helen Keller

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We offer many group classes and events to help Military, Veterans and their Families.  View Calendar