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The Eco-Friendly Family hopes to help people looking to become green easily find what will work for them by sharing product reviews and other information about eco-friendly things.



Information for Moms

Having a healthier home does not have to be complicated, in fact it shouldn’t be! Simplicity is key, think basics.(Full Story)
My understanding is that the onion contains anti-bacterial, healing and anti-inflammatory properties that quickly and effectively sooth and calm the affected ear.(Full Story)
Traditional fabric softeners contain a long list of chemicals, many of which are actually skin irritants. Most fabric softener sheets are actually coated with animal fat. Yuck, right?!(Full Story)
For parents considering cloth, or for those who have the opportunity to use cloth on a newborn for the first time, it can be quite the dilemma.(Full Story)
Throw out EVERYTHING you think you know about potato salads. This is not a cold creamy concoction. Oh no no no. This recipe is warm deliciousness and terrible for you, but it is amazing.(Full Story)
Keurig machines are all the rage these days, but disposable K-Cups, which are comprised of an outer plastic shell, foil top and inside filter, are wasteful.(Full Story)
Birth can be intense, physically and emotionally, and mom usually spends a lot of time thinking of who will be a part of this experience to make it enjoyable.(Full Story)
While a completely organic diet may not be affordable for all, it is completely reasonable to choose organic a good portion of the time without sacrificing savings. (Full Story)
We have all heard about the dangers of cooking with Teflon but when transitioning to safer options, like stainless steel, many of us are left a little stumped when it comes to “sticking” and how to prevent it.(Full Story)
Cloth diapers have come a long way since the days of leaky rubber pants and the options couldn’t be easier to use, but one tried and true diaper is sometimes overlooked – the prefold.(Full Story)
A non-toxic home is so very important and one of the most important rooms in the home is the kitchen.(Full Story)
I may not be the craftiest person ever, but when I saw this wooden tray just laying on the playroom floor I knew it needed to have a higher purpose.(Full Story)
I don’t like being hungry and for me that means eating healthier and making conscious food choices – and lots of them!(Full Story)
Choosing safe products is so important but the waters can be hard to navigate at first. We have some tips to choosing safe products with ease.(Full Story)
After a long, HOT 122 hours, we have electricity once again. Have you ever been in a five-day long power outage?(Full Story)
I love coffee. But when I started to take a cold hard look at my diet, I realized that added sugars were a problem.(Full Story)
We have been recycling for some time now. The only need we had for trash services was to get rid of food waste. Well, we didn't think that was so green, so we decided to stop that.
(Full Story)
I think we all know to buy safe laundry detergents, but what about the containers they come in?(Full Story)