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About Us

Southern Charm Home Gallery is a store with it’s own charming style full of unique and one of a kind finds.  We strive to offer unique items in order to provide you with a different shopping experience each time you visit us. Whether it’s a piece of heirloom quality furniture, a dining room table crafted from 100-year old barn wood, a pillow to match with and accessorize your room, a custom ordered sofa and accent chair, or your favorite color of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® to redesign your own furniture with, whatever you’re searching for can be found here.

Southern Charm Home Gallery is home to Eastern, North Carolina’s certified stockist of Chalk Paint® brand decorative paint by Annie Sloan. We carry all of Annie’s products including all colors of Chalk Paint®, Clear and Dark Soft Wax, brushes, books and fabric. We offer Chalk Paint® workshops monthly, as well as custom furniture painting by our trained stockist herself. Come visit us for an experience that is always southern, always charming and always unique.

We look forward to seeing you!

Southern Charm Home Gallery FAQ

What is special about Four Seasons Furniture?
Four Seasons gives you the freedom to choose exactly what you want. Our Collections are specially crafted with you in mind with an emphasis on slipcovers. We offer a variety of arm-styles with the option to be slipcover over a muslin frame. Our unique slipcover system allows you to change your cover whenever you want. Whether it be a little dirty, a new season, or you are just bored with your current look, Four Seasons has got you covered.

Why does Southern Charm Home Gallery choose to carry Whitewood Furniture?
Whitewood Industries has greatly evolved into becoming a leading supplier of both finished and unfinished furniture throughout the U.S. with one mission in mind: offer the most beautiful, quality home furnishings at a tremendous value. Based in Thomasville, N.C., Whitewood employs 200 dedicated North Carolinians.


More than ever, being environmentally conscious and responsible is part of our lives.Manufacturing processes, waste management, use of natural resources and more affect our world and quality of life. Whitewood recognizes that though home furnishings are a necessity, they too have a positive or negative impact on our environment. For this reason, as well as the sheer beauty and quality of Parawood, over 95% of the products are proudly crafted in this extremely dense, plantation grown hardwood. Parawood serves our world in more than one way beyond just its wood. It’s a true form of our fully utilizing a natural resource. Parawood is the tree in which latex is produced. For a minimum of 10+ years the Parawood Tree is “tapped” (the same manner syrup is tapped from a maple tree). This is the age in which the tree ceases to produce sufficient quantities of latex and is cut for the manufacturing of furniture. For every tree cut, a new tree is planted as a replacement, harmoniously maintaining natural balance.

Parawood Facts:
  • Scientific Name: Hevea Brasiliensis
  • Density: 7+ (Birch: 7, Ash: 8)
  • Strength Group: B6 (same group as maple)

  • Plantation grown to promote ecological balance
  • Hardwood
  • Durable
  • Easy to finish

At Southern Charm Home Gallery, we offer Whitewood furniture in raw, ready-to-finish as well as already finished pieces in many different finishing options.

What types of paint do you carry?
Southern Charm Home Gallery proudly carries Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®, General Finishes, and Saltwash.

We have all of the supplies you need for rejuvenating tired furniture into works of art! When you come into Southern Charm for your paint needs, you leave with the knowledge and instructions to make your project go smooth.

Why would I choose Chalk Paint® for my furniture?
With Chalk Paint® there is:
  • No Stripping
  • No Sanding
  • No Priming

Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan allows you to create a beautiful finished piece without doing all the extra work of stripping, sanding, and priming prior to painting and without sacrificing the quality. In fact- you are using a product that rivals any high end finish- and in fact- will be superior to it! The colors are beautiful, and are inspired from 18th Century European furniture. Chalk Paint® is water soluble and has extremely low VOC’s. Due to this – it is considered a “kind” paint by Annie and virtually has no odor to it.

Why do I need to use wax over Chalk Paint®?
Chalk Paint® is very porous and the wax will penetrate the paint and literally fuse with it making it very strong. Waxing the paint provides protection. Chalk Paint® in nature- is a very flat chalky finish and over time could be effected by oils from your skin, stains from beverages, dirty fingertips. They can permanently stain the paint. The wax finish is what seals and protects your piece.

Annie Sloan developed her waxes specifically for her Chalk Paint™ line. The wax is very smooth, like soft margarine or if you are in the south- Crisco! It is easy to use and contains very little odor. It does not contain harsh chemical solvents like quick drying agents so you are not breathing harsh chemicals into your lungs. Also, we have actually heard of other brands of waxes that have removed the paint right off the piece and can stain the paint. Annie Sloan waxes are guaranteed to work with her Chalk Paint®. And guess what- if later in life- you want to change the color of your piece- Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan goes directly over Annie Sloan Wax without sanding or priming!