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As we prepare to welcome another child into the world, I'm doing my best to keep things equal. Is it out of reach?

As you know from reading my blogs about my first pregnancy, I did all the usual new mommy things. I decorated a nursery, lovingly picked out a going-home outfit, read up on everything I needed to know about nutrition and childbirth, made a scrapbook, knitted a blanket, exercised and got my rest.

I'm doing good these days to get my hair dry before I go to work. How can a working mom of a busy 1-year-old keep it all together and try to devote as much time to prepping for this baby who's going to be here sooner than I think?

Obviously, the nursery is done, we have blankets and bottles, the swing and the stroller, so that's taken care of, but I'm still feeling the need to give this baby everything I gave to Kanyon. I think I might be a bit unrealistic though. I've started knitting a baby blanket, but I'm so tired at the end of the night that it's only got about 6 inches complete. I also have carved out some time with my mom to make this baby a scrapbook too, so I feel good about that.

However, there's a pregnancy journal that's got a few scarce entries in it and I know I was diligent about writing in the one for Kanyon. I have yet to take a proper belly bump picture and the list goes on. I've heard from several people about "#2" and how the first child you find a clean, dry burp cloth to wipe their mouth, and the second child gets whatever's handy. Then there's the classic one about box loads of pictures for the first child and just a few snapshots of the second.

I am a realistic person, but with idealistic hopes. Therefore, I'm hoping to come as close as possible to giving this child the same things his or her older brother got. If I can't, will that be hard to explain to this child someday? Will they even notice?

I have to be honest, and maybe this is normal, but sometimes it's easy to forget I'm pregnant because life with a toddler is so busy! It's a totally different thing than the first time. I literally was tuned into pregnancy all day and all night. Now, it's pretty apparent at night, due to the fun sleep disruptions that come along with pregnancy, but when I'm in Kanyon's mommy mode, there's no time to sit in the armchair, reading "What to Expect When You're Expecting" while lovingly rubbing my baby bump. I don't want this child to feel less loved, because there's no way that's the case! So how do you moms of two or more find balance for both children?

And there's a flip side as well. Will Kanyon get what he needs after his sibling is here? I'm especially going to grapple with this balance after this child is born. I'll take any advice I can get. I'm sure this is a normal thing for moms to wonder about. Will I still be able to dote on my first born while caring for a newborn? Is it a life-long learning process?

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When Sarah's not at work, she enjoys soaking up every minute with her children, visiting friends and family, taking scenic drives, reading and gardening.
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