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Plastic Surgery - Right for You?

I’ve personally never had plastic surgery of any kind. However, I don’t know that I’ve stopped to consider if I would or not given the choice. In all honesty, I think I just automatically rule it out because it’s expensive. So knowing that I’ll never be able to afford it, I figure why even consider it. What if the price of breast implants, for example, went down? Is that something that I would choose. Or any other plastic surgery?

I’m not sure if I would choose to have anything done. I watched the extreme makeover show back when it was on and the recovery process looked horrendous. I had nose surgery done to open up my nasal passages and the recovery on that alone was terrible. I really think it was worse than recovering from giving birth! If you want or need something bad enough, then it might be worth it though. Of course, in my mind, there’s a difference between elective and necessary plastic surgery. Even then, I’m sure that some elective plastic surgeries are really necessary to the person having it.

My oldest daughter was born with two of her toes fused together. We call it her special toes. ;) When she was a baby, we checked into having those two toes separated. That would actually be elective plastic surgery for her. Those toes do not hurt her, they’re not in the way or affect her walking or running…it’s cosmetic. But for a young girl growing up in a world full of people that might tease her, make fun of her, stare at her, etc. we at least wanted to explore the option to separate those two toes. The x-ray showed that the two bones were actually fused together and not just the skin. Plastic surgery was not going to be an option for her.

Abbie is 10 now and fine with her special toes. That’s what makes her different and unique from everyone else. We’ve never covered them or made her feel like she was weird because of her toes. Have mean kids said hurtful things to her? Yep, but she’s been able to shrug it off and not let it bother her. So far anyway…I hope it will always be that way.

To each his or her own with the decision to have or not have plastic surgery.

What about you? Would you choose to have any kind of plastic surgery and if so, what would you have done?

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