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About Us

The Goodman Center is an intensive episodic behavioral wellness center dedicated to the holistic approach of chronic care. We treat conditions such as depression, anxiety, non-narcotic pain management, weight management, and nutritional therapy. We offer both comprehensive and natural holistic approaches to the problems of behavioral health with a philosophy that behavioral and mental health issues are more than just a psychological or psychiatric issue. It is our belief that the best outcomes come from a mind and body solution for all behavioral problems. The Goodman Approach™ is a scientific based model of treatment. It is created from years of scientific research which drives the Five Recommendations™, our treatment program for alcoholism and addiction. We have now branched out and found success using these same recommendations for pain management, mental health and weight management. The Five Recommendations™ are:

  1. Comprehensive Care
  2. Pharmaceutical Assistance
  3. Evidence Based Wellness Counseling
  4. Professional Coaching
  5. Social Support

What We Do

  • The Sinclair Method for Alcoholism
  • Nutritional Treatment
  • Medication Assisted Recovery (MAT)
  • Sleep
  • Social Support Network
  • Mental Health
  • Weight Management
  • Pain Management

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Our Staff

It is vitally important to work with qualified professionals;  people who have made it their life mission to specialize in helping people recover from harmful behaviiors.  You have made the decision to get the help you desperately need to recover, jot just to function.  Click here to read more about our qualified, professional staff!