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Gallaher Plastic Surgery's number one priority is taking care of their patients.  All of the surgical procedures we offer are performed by extensively trained and credentialed providers.  We are proud to provide our patients with the highest quality of care.

The surgeons at Gallaher Plastic Surgery offer the best procedures for the entire body, producing an outcome you'll love.  Procedures we offer our patients are:  breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, breast implant revision, tummy tuck, liposuction, body contouring, brachioplasty, thigh lift, endoscopic brow lift, eyelid, facelift, laser skin resurfacing, chin augmentation, otoplasty, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, hydrafacial, wound treatment, skin grafts, tissue expansion, advanced wound care, gynecomastia, fraxel re:store, fraxel re-pair, candela gentlemax, botox, juvederm, restylane, prevelle silk, radiesse, sculptra.  Schedule your complimentary consultation today.

Gallaher Plastic Surgery FAQ

Q: What is Board Certification? And are there different types?
Board certification for physicians is a rigorous, well-organized process which assures that the physician has met the standards of education and proficiency for the particular board. The American Board of Medical Specialties regulates and governs this process, and not only are these boards specific to the specialty, but also require, in most instances, ongoing education and certification to maintain the board certified status. The American Board of Plastic Surgery is the board that governs certification for plastic surgeons and ensures that the physicians with this certification have reached the standard of excellence associated with this prestigious board designation. There are many types of board certification. When seeking an aesthetic surgical consultation or provider, the patient/consumer should be well-advised of this designation. The patient/consumer should always look for not only the designation of board certification, but the type of certification, to ensure they are getting the quality care they deserve.

Q: Is plastic surgery real surgery?
When seeking aesthetic treatments or plastic surgery, it is extremely important to know your provider, to know the setting in which they provide the treatments, and always make sure that safety is the first concern. Surgery is a medical procedure and should be treated as such. Make sure your provider is not only qualified, but made well aware of all of your particular and unique medical history such that the best and safest procedure can be performed.

Q: Why are plastic surgeons best equipped to provide aesthetic treatments and advice?
Plastic surgeons are amongst the “most trained” physicians. Typically plastic surgery residency training is a seven year program which begins subsequent to four years of medical school. The diversity of training received by plastic surgeons is a key factor in order to provide and assess treatments as they apply to the patient’s unique situation and also how they apply to the overall goals. The development of many spas and even medical spas has challenged the traditional medical delivery system. Plastic surgeons are uniquely equipped to provide advice on everything from the most minimally invasive procedure or treatment all the way to the most advanced, and we are able to apply this to the individual’s unique situation and goals and provide the patient with the results they deserve in a safe, efficacious and cost-effective manner better than any other specialty.

Q: What are considered minimally invasive procedures?
The term “minimally invasive” has been loosely applied to many different types of procedures, but in general these procedures are performed in an office of clinic setting and require minimal downtime and recovery. The common procedures such as microdermabrasion, botulinum toxin injection and facial volumizing fillers have fallen into this category, as well as “superficial laser treatments” for resurfacing. Even though these procedures are “minimally invasive” they still require the expertise and care of trained providers and the supervision, care and provision by trained and knowledgeable providers.

Q: Are silicone gel filled breast implants safe?
The long-standing controversy over the safety of silicone gel filled breast implants or prostheses has been, for the most part, resolved. Silicone gel filled breast implants have been available since the early 1960s and they have gone through “several generations” of device. The current devices are safe and do not cause “human disease”. This particular issue has been studied about as extensively as any questioned in medicine over the last two decades. If you are considering breast augmentation, there is a type of implant best-suited to your situation which should be discussed by your provider. A knowledgeable plastic surgeon will be able to work you through the pros and cons of various available implants, i.e. either silicone gel filled or saline filled devices, based on your unique and particular situation.

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