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Erica is a graphic designer and artist who enjoys getting her hands dirty. A Cajun girl at heart, she followed her Mr. to the snowy North.  This is a collection of her wintry adventures, DIY endeavors and handmade attempts. Enjoy!

Information for Moms

This face wash is sure to dazzle your skin and your taste buds. It feels and smells delicious.(Full Story)
Eye makeup remover is essential, otherwise, I tug and scrub and rub the delicate skin around my eyes. This gentle eye make-up remover is the answer!(Full Story)
Need a last-minute Mother's Day gift? You can find everything you need to make this lovely bath mixture for mom at the grocery store!(Full Story)
With so many tinted moisturizers on the market, why would I create my own? For starters, I have tried so many but nothing seems to be the ONE.(Full Story)
After spending a lot of time perusing beautiful food blogs, I noticed something really important: there aren't many options for someone struggling with time and money.(Full Story)
There are tons of skin care recipes available on the internet using honey, yogurt and olive oil. I did some adjusting here and there and tried a few myself.(Full Story)
Before I left for Greece, I cooked a few dishes to post while traveling. Ironically, I made stuffed aubergine, or eggplant. Stuffed eggplant, known as "imam baldi", is a dietary staple in the Greek diet.(Full Story)
Lara bars are gooey, chewy, sweet, natural and full of nutrients. What's not to love?(Full Story)
This recipe is perfect for exfoliating and moisturizing winter skin and revitalizing the senses with uplifting citrus scents. I hope you enjoy!(Full Story)
This quick and inexpensive meal is packed with nutrients and makes a great lunch on the go.(Full Story)
The path to glowing skin is not always easy. My battle with acne consists of years of struggle, futile attempts, hopelessness, surrender and finally, CHANGE.(Full Story)
I feel frustrated by the high cost of healthy tooth pastes and how much packaging I waste each time we finish a tube.(Full Story)
The newest addition to the DIY skin care recipe list: face oil. If you are interested in making your own skin care products, investing in several essential oils is a must.(Full Story)