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This is not only a festive Halloween recipe, it makes for a fun afternoon in the kitchen with the kids!

Play mixologist with a perfect potion recipe featuring a few easy ingredients.

Need an easy-to-make, fun treat for a class party?

Even if you can't make it to the Snappers Milkshake Factory in Pittsburgh, you can still enjoy some of their treats!

This cute cake works as both a decoration and a festive treat!

So who doesn’t like apples and peanut butter…add some sliced almonds and you have a great snack with protein. These are "scary" apple mouths that the kids (and adults) will enjoy!

These homemade cheese ball bats are so easy to make and are a perfect appetizer for Halloween entertaining.

This dish is on the dinner table in about 20 minutes.

Serve these with brunch or as an accompaniment to soups or salads.

Canned goods are the main ingredients in this quick-to-assemble side dish.

This not only sounds like an autumn meal, it tastes like one.

Beets are known for their vibrant color but this recipe takes it to a whole new level.

If roasted vegetables are your style, try this recipe, accented with sweet, tangy pickled beets.

Since my family loves pumpkin and also cinnamon rolls, how about putting them together?!!?!? I topped these when they were still warm with an easy three-ingredient icing.

This spiced up version of the traditional favorite includes fall flavor from apple butter.

Crisp mornings, cozy sweaters and a craving for comfort foods are all sure signs that autumn is in the air.

I’m always sad when summer is over, but I do look forward to the cooler weather, Halloween, and squash. Yes, I have really learned to love all types of squash. It’s a great source of fiber and makes for a great side dish.

The meat for the sandwiches only call for two ingredients!

Few things say fall like ripe, crisp apples and we have a quick and easy apple crisp recipe that’s a crowd pleaser! Plus, you can enjoy it even more on a beautiful fall day, because you can cook it up on the grill! It’s a foil pack apple crisp hot on the grill.

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