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About Us

Founded in 1978, Ennis Center for Children is a local foster care and adoption agency working with children who have experienced abuse/neglect and families in crisis. With five offices throughout Michigan, including a location in downtown Flint, our services reach approximately 3,500 individuals each year. We are always looking for loving temporary foster homes and permanent adoptive families, as well as donations to support our programs.

Ennis Center for Children FAQ

What are the primary responsibilities of a foster parent?
First and foremost, a foster parent must be able to provide a safe and loving home for a child. Foster parents are also responsible for the medical and educational well-being of the child, including taking the child to medical appointments and maintaining contact with the child’s school. Foster parents are responsible for transporting the child to appointments, services, parenting time, and sibling visits. Foster parents should maintain contact with the foster care case manager and other service providers regarding the child’s progress in the home and community. Foster parents are also responsible for following the child’s behavior plan as set forth in the child’s treatment plan.

How do I become a foster parent?
The first step in the process to become a licensed foster parent is to attend foster parent orientation, which is offered on a monthly basis at all Ennis Center offices. Once orientation is completed, to move forward in becoming a foster parent you will need to complete the foster parent PRIDE (Parent Resource Information Development Education) training classes and submit a foster home licensing application. Your family will then be assigned to a Licensing & Certification Worker who will help you complete the remainder of the foster home licensing process. To become licensed you must submit to criminal background clearances and complete all aspects of a home study including family member interviews, submitting an updated physical, provide proof of legal income, and allow a worker to complete home visits.

How long does it take to become a foster parent?
In general, the process to become a licensed foster parent takes about 5-6 months; however, completion of the home study process is impacted by your personal schedule and your timely submission of the required documentation.

What is the process to become an adoptive parent?
The approval process to become an adoptive parent is very similar to the foster home licensing process. You will need to attend adoption orientation and complete 5 of the 9 foster/adoptive parent PRIDE (Parent Resource Information Development Education) training sessions. You will complete an adoption application and be assigned an adoption worker who will complete the home study process with you. The home study process for adoption has all of the same requirements as for foster care (the same report is used for both). Many families choose to be approved for both foster care and adoption since the process is so similar. In addition, having a foster home license helps the adoption process be completed more quickly and smoothly.

Can I choose the child that I’d like to foster?
During the home study process you will be able to provide some general specifications for a child you would like to foster such as: age range, gender, and race. Please keep in mind that the more limited your specifications the longer it may take to have a child placed in your home. The agency will then offer placements to you based on the specifications provided and you may choose to accept or decline the placement of a child.

What does my income need to be in order to be approved as a foster or adoptive parent?
There is no set amount of income that we are looking for in order for your family to be approved. Families need to show that they are able to meet all of their financial obligations on a monthly basis.