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About Us

Saving Customers Money in NC, SC, VA, MI and OH

Powerhome is an American company, headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina that specializes in solar energy and roofing services. The regional office in Sterling Heights serves the state of Michigan. We were founded in 2006 as Rescomm and in 2014 made the decision to rebrand ourselves as Powerhome Solar & Roofing. This change reflected our vision and the direction we wanted to take the company. That direction has helped us grow our company to consist of over 100 passionate employees and still counting.

We have also grown outside of North Carolina and currently operate in South Carolina as well as Michigan. In 2015 and 2016, Solar Power World magazine listed Powerhome as the No. 7 overall solar installation company in the U.S. We are also very excited that in 2016; We installed more solar energy systems than any other company in North and South Carolina.

Our strong growth is consistent with our vision to innovate both in how we operate our company and the level of service we offer our customers. This means that we are one of the few companies that do “everything.” Among our primary services, the company designs, permits, finances, sells, installs, maintains and monitors solar energy systems and panels for residential, commercial, utility, and government applications. We also sell, design, and install full roof applications for commercial and residential clients.

We also have a strong focus on making sure every job is done correctly – the first time. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not believe in hiring sub-contractors. Instead, we employ fully licensed electricians, and our team has unlimited GC license, several NABCEP licenses, and a GAF MASTER ELITE ROOFER.

Here at Powerhome our goal and mission is to help our customers have energy independence by selling renewable energy at prices below utility rates. While the power companies continue to raise rates and dictate what a customer owes for power, we believe strongly in offering customers a more practical option. We want our customers to save money day one while helping us create a clean future for our grandchildren.

Don’t rent your power own your power.

In Only Two Years We've Broken Records

Saving people money with smart, affordable, and advanced solar technology has always been our goal. In the two years we've been in business:

  • Helped thousands of customers
  • Are located in four states
  • Our customers have saved hundreds of thousands in savings
  • Were ranked 96th fastest growing company in 2017
  • Have hired over 200 employees
  • Have become an Inc. 500 Company
  • Have an A+ with the BBB

And we have more than 6,000 5-star reviews online.

Mooresville, NC
919 N. Main St., Mooresville, NC 28115
(800) 765-2715
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Virginia Office
13536 Charlotte Court Chester, VA 23836
(704) 207-0822
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Better Electricity is Just the Beginning

You'll have better energy efficiency and it will be cleaner. But, did you know that you'll also save money on your electric bill? With federal and state incentives, rebates, and better pricing, you'll start saving money sooner than you think. In many cases, it is often on the first electric bill. What are you waiting for? Contact us now to talk to one of our solar experts and we'll see if solar is a great fit for your home.

Residential Solar - Solar power saves you money by giving you control over electric costs. Government tax credits pay for up to 55% of system cost.  Turning the sun’s energy into electricity isn't new. Einstein envisioned the process and the first solar panels became operational in the 1950's.  Read more here!

Commercial Solar

  • Rooftop Solutions - Your roof doesn’t have to be only for protection from the elements.  Turn your roof into an electric generator with a solar energy system.  Learn More
  • Utility Scale - Not enough space on your roof, but have acreage?  Ground mount systems are utility grade solutions that are the ultimate in IRR.  Learn More
  • Canopy Systems - That large asphalt area can provide a lot more than some parking spaces.  Increase your ROI by generating electricity and some nice cool parking spots.  Learn More
  • Bi-Facial Technology - With the updates to Bi-facial technology in solar systems, Solar is more efficient and cost effective than ever. Check out more about this excellent technology.  Learn More


  • Residential Roofing - Leaky roof? Not sure when it was last replaced? Give us a call at Power Home. We’ll come out and do a free inspection for you. Let us handle the insurance agents and get you the roof you deserve.  Learn More
  • Commercial Roofing - Call Power Home for all your business roofing needs. We have experience in all forms of commercial roofing and will help you pick out the best fit for you and your business.  Learn More