It's OK to Dress Up

Jon Vanderford

I went to a wedding reception recently, and I was one of only two people wearing a jacket and tie. I was over-dressed for sure, but I didn't mind. In fact, I don't mind dressing up for special events.

You know, I can remember pictures of baseball games back in the 1920's where men would wear suits and hats to outdoor baseball games in the summertime. It had to have been hot then! I also remember when I was growing up, the men always had a suit and tie on at church on Sunday, and the ladies always wore a dress.

In 2011, we are definitely seeing more people dressing down. And, I can understand. People who work in an office setting may have to wear a tie or jacket to work everyday, and they probably get tired of having to put a tie on again on Sunday.

I love to wear a T-shirt, shorts and a baseball cap just like the next guy. But it seems that everywhere you turn, there is an erosion of standards when it comes to a dress code. I understand wearing maybe nice slacks and an open-collared shirt to church, but I still don't think it's appropriate to wear flip-flops and cargo shorts there-- especially if you are doing a reading up front!

As for wedding receptions, it is also fine to wear nice slacks and a polo shirt, but I also think it's fine to wear a jacket and tie. I think it's a good standard to set for children who are learning from your example.

I also think it's important to dress up for work, especially for interviews. Studies show if you wear a nice suit to a job interview, you are likely to get the upper hand on getting that job.

So, as the Details Dad, I'm always thinking about the details of life. And teaching my kids that it's OK to dress up once in a while is one of the details that I believe will serve them well down the road.

What do you think about the dress code at your church or work? Do you think it's too relaxed? Let me know your thoughts.

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