5 ways to make an autumn wreath for less than $10

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Wreaths are an easy way to add a holiday feel to the house. They can be hung on your front door or you can put them on a table (propped up against the wall) or hang one on an indoor door or wall.

These are simple wreaths that took about 5 minutes to put together and cost less than $10. You can of course use the same ideas and make yours more elaborate but I just wanted to show you that even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, you can make one, inexpensively.

I started with just a few supplies. I found my grapevine wreath at Hobby Lobby for $5.99. The ribbon, scarecrow and bags of (50) leaves were bought at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 each. A glue gun will help keep everything secure, especially if you’re hanging your wreath outside. I actually didn’t use any glue…the ribbon is wire-rimmed so it was easy to wrap and secure by itself. Because I was taking a lot of different pictures, I actually secured the scarecrow and leaves with blue painters tape. Our front door is protected by a glass door so no wind or rain can reach my wreath. And by securing with the tape, I can reuse the wreath for other holidays or events.

This is as basic as it gets….if you have limited storage space and money, simply wrapping a festive ribbon around a wreath gives you an instant holiday decoration. You can exchange the ribbon for another, as the seasons and holidays change. And you won’t have to store so many different wreaths.

The packages of leaves I bought held 50 leaves each. One bag would have totally been enough for this wreath but I needed two (for other projects I’m working on.) You can add just a few or the entire bag…whatever you like. A glue gun will help keep these on securely…if you use a straw wreath that you want to reuse for other occasions, small straight pins will keep them on tightly. Like I said, mine are stuck on with blue painters tape.

Even with everything I bought on this wreath, it only cost $8.99….and I still have about 40 leaves left over that could be added if I wanted.

Simple and inexpensive…..if you have more money to spend, buy more expensive leaves, add some fall flowers or a more elaborate ribbon.

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