What to do with that leftover Halloween candy

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No matter how many trick-or-treaters we have come to the door, we always have leftover candy. And if I don’t do something with it, other than just leaving it in the cabinet, I’ll end up eating every single piece. You can easily turn the candy into other types of treats, use it for other occasions or even donate it…here’s a few ideas.

  1. Make a trail mix…this is easy to do, can be made with whatever snack type foods you have, and makes eating candy a bit “healthier” when mixed with nuts and popcorn. I mixed popcorn, walnuts, raisins and some cut up candy. You could also add granola, pretzels or dry cereal.

  2. Decorate a holiday gingerbread house.

  3. Freeze…Yes, you can freeze candy and then pull it out as you want to use it.

  4. Chop up and use for ice cream toppings, add to cake and cookie recipes or even add to a holiday pie.

  5. Add to Christmas stockings.

  6. Roll candy apples in chopped up candy pieces or add to popcorn balls.

  7. If someone has a birthday coming up, you could fill goody bags with the candy or fill a pinata with it.

Here’s a few more ideas and also places you can donate your candy to…like to our troops.

And if you’d like to share any tips on how you use up your leftover Halloween candy, we’d love to them!

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